Front-End Website Developer & User Interface Designer

Sophomore at Purdue University working towards a degree in web programming.

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Clear View Escapes

Clear View Escapes is a fictional travel website in which I created while learning git, Github, and the package manager npm.

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Clear View Escapes Website

Color Game

Made with vanilla JavaScript, the color game is a game in which you choose the correct color square when given the RGB values.

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Color Game

About Me

I’m a Front-End Web Developer with a passion for building useful web applications. Currently, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Web Programming and Design at Purdue University. I view myself as a quick learner and push myself to learn more technologies and frameworks every day. Currently, I am focusing on React.js. What I value the most is team collaboration, because I believe it either makes or breaks the success of any given project.

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Have a project in mind, or just want to talk? Feel free to drop me an email at I'm also currently looking for internship opportunities within the United States.

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